A columnist, frequent contributor, and video host/producer at Vice Media, David Bienenstock is also a ten-year veteran of High Times magazine, including as West Coast Editor for the world's best-known marijuana brand. With more than a decade of experience, and friends in high places, he now serves as a sought-after consultant in the emerging legal cannabis industry, helping enterprises large and small navigate the many complexities involved in creating viable new ventures and sustainable green jobs in this true growth market.
          The author of The Official High Times Pot Smoker's Handbook and Legalized It! also continues to travel the world writing about cannabis sativa, interviewing growers, doctors, dealers, smugglers, scientists, rock stars, patients, prisoners, politicians and philosophers, while covering everything from the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam to the biggest pot fields in Northern California. He's the director of the best-selling marijuana cultivation DVD of all time (Jorge Cervantes' Ultimate Grow), and produced the video A Gourmet Weed Dinner at Hunter S. Thompson's House for VICE.
          A contributor to VICE, Motherboard, Salon, Alternet, the Guardian, and other publications, he writes about politics, music, culture, technology and travel, while making frequent media appearances, including on CNN, NPR, and Fox News.